My Blog: Music

My blog theme will be about music. The reason I chose music is because not only can everyone relate to it but we come into contact with it every single day. No matter where you are from you can’t say you don’t know what music is because it is very diverse and if nothing can bring people together, music can. Music has no skin color, rules, boundaries or limitations. I love music because there is always a song to match how you feeling whether happy, sad, depressed or in love, there is something for everything and everyone. Music makes you dance or simply just sing along. Lyrics play a big part in your behavior because if you are influenced by what you hear, then soon enough you will start to do or act out whatever you are hearing. Every artist offers something different and I love the mix of entertainers that are out now because you have rock mixed with hip hop and country paired with R n B; the possibilities are endless. Music plays a big part in my everyday life. Almost every task I do on a regular basis I need to have some type of music playing in order to complete or else I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. I have a wide range of Artist whom I listen to from Anita Baker to Paramore and each artist can give me something that the other can’t. I listen to music that was before my time and music that’s ahead of my time because they tell stories of different eras and make me feel like I’m right there in the middle of it. Music can make you feel you are in whole different place then you really are. It can lift your spirits when you are sad, make you laugh when you need to hear a joke or help you get over a heartbreak. Music is so complex in some ways but so easy in some ways because we may not understand what the person is saying sometimes but after a while you will start humming or rocking back and forth eventually because that’s only natural. Music is universal and in my blog I will show how relatable music is to everyone and no matter what mood you are in, there is always a song out there for you!

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My Long Term Goals

What I hope to achieve in college is to gain all the knowledge I need in order to perform my desired profession which is nursing. I hope to receive my degree and start practicing nursing because I’m so excited to actually begin applying everything I have been taught in school to the real world. My long term goals consist of several different things. From a career stand point I would like to be very successful at whatever I choose to do. I am going to school for nursing and hope to be one of the best nurses I can be. I would like to work in the maternity ward as a maternal nurse also because I love the concept of birth and bringing a new life to world. I love knowing that even though I not a doctor, that I can still help in a process that are a blessing to most. I think to be superior at what ever you choose to do, you have to have passion for it and I believe that I will possess that if I become a nurse.

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A Little About Me!!

My name is Rhone’t Joyce Jacobs and I was born August 14th, 1992 to Mary Whyte and Ronnie Jacobs. I was born at Columbia Hospital for Women which no longer exists in Washington DC. I have six siblings 5 who are girls and 1 boy who is the eldest.My family is from Kingston, Jamaica. The schools I have attended are Clark Elementary School for elementary, Takoma Academy in grades first, second and third. In the fourth grade I attended CAPCS middle school until the 9th grade where I spent my four years of high school at McKinley Technology. I am a Christian who loves God and have been this way since a very young age. I attend Capital Wesleyan Church in Washington, DC every Sunday and assist teaching our junior church class with children 8 and under. I have a five year old male Yorkie mixed with Silky terrier who drives me crazy sometimes but I love very much. I also have 1 fish at home who outlived 18 other fish that were once alive in the tank with him but due to a silly mistake they are no longer living. My favorite color is blue and I can’t say I have a favorite food because I love everything honestly. I love to travel and hope to visit all 50 states and all 7 continents before I die. I love music and some of my favorite artists are Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Dawn Richards just to name a few. My favorite TV show would have to be Criminal Minds because I love the idea of solving mysteries and really putting pieces of things together like a puzzle. Later in my I hope to get married and have kids (the max 4) but that’s in the far future! I would say I am an outgoing person who loves to try new things every now and then. In the near future I hope to be very successful at whatever I choose to do and effect many lives because one of my passions is helping people in anyway I can. I look forward to the future especially mines because it will be a bright one.

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